Find great deals on eBay for reebok premier. Shop with confidence. The Reebok Premier X24 Goalie Leg Pads are perfect for the growing junior who is playing at just about any level. They have the same No Break outer flex design that the Premier XLT has, as well as the Precurved Double Break on the inner flex, which allows the 5-hole to close and seal to the ice. The new Reebok Premier 4 leg pads close faster, offer more coverage, and provide the solid seal needed to win. The "P4" features many new and innovative upgrades over the previous model, as well as a softer flex that will appeal to .

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Брюки спортивные Reebok. Брюки спортивные reebok. цвет: черный. сезон: весна-лето 2018.

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